My Favorite Videos

                              Pixiwoo show you how to create your Autumn/Winter look

                      Pixiwoo show you how to Enlarge Your Eyes

                 Pixiwoo show you how to get Smoky Green Eyes

                                              Pixiwoo create Lana Del Rey's look   

                                     Pixiwoo create the Hollywood glamour look   

                                           Pixiwoo create a Supermodel look

                                          Pixiwoo create Kate Middleton's look   

Pixiwoo- Create a Vintage Glamour Look In The Style of Marilyn Monroe

                             Pixwoo Show You To Get Smoky Green Eyes

The eyes have it on the runway! mark. at Rebecca Minkoff fall 2012  

                                 Avon Color Studio: Smoky Eye Simplified


Eliminate Your Dark Circles

Rock That Red Lip

                                                   Create Celebrity Full Lip

    Femme Fatale

Big Beautiful Eyes