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           Avon's New Face, Jon Bon Jovi                  

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"A Lyrical ballad resonating with bright citrus notes, sensual plum, voluptuous black dahlia and wisps of captivating woods." -Avon Co...

Er, hold on a sec, every day we’ve got some rather interesting news in peeps, and it involves a rock star. Yep, it's not every day we bring you that kind of news, is it! Word on the street is that the mighty dashing Mr Jon Bon Jovi has been signed to Avon to be the face of their new fragrance. Eeeek! Some serious screams have been heard around the Grazia Beauty Desk in the past hour. Hang about - first it was Brad Pitt for Chanel No.5 and now it’s Jon Bon… seems to be a bit of a trend going on there girls. Bets are on that Stella McCartney might get in on the action and pinch David Beckham for their next fragrance launch. We can dream, can't we?

The new Avon scent which is concert-inspired and due out in the Autumn will no doubt be as delicious and cool as the man himself. The beauty brand wanted to represent the spirit of live music and are planning to call the fragrance ‘Unplugged for Him’. And don’t worry ladies, there's a girls’ version too which will be out in October. The main note of the fragrances is black dahlia, a heady sensual scent which we think is a perfect choice for such a legendary rocker.


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